Forward Press: 21st American Printmaking Opening April 6, 2019

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An Evening with Alex Katz


Printmaking Legacy Project preserves the legacy of the fine art of printmaking for future generations of printmaking artists, arts professionals and students through promoting the education of the general public regarding the history, understanding and appreciation for the art of printmaking.


Printmaking Legacy Project preserves and disseminates the legacy, history, practice and understanding of the fine art of printmaking to the national and international arts community, students and to the general public. The project documents the collaboration among universities, workshops and professional print studios and how their participants fundamentally changed the course of development in American printmaking and American art. Through fundraising to support public programs, including lectures and workshops, and the creation of a vast archive of documentary interviews of artists and art professionals, the Printmaking Legacy Project bridges the gap between the founders of American printmaking, those working in printmaking today, young artists, students and the general public.

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